Media Consumers for Entertainment Equality


What You Can Do

Recognize that the entertainment industry still discriminates against artists of color in the 21st century.

Support artists of color and movies and television shows with fair hiring practices and diverse casts.

Boycott and protest movies and television shows that ‘racebend’ or otherwise limit opportunities for artists of color and other underrepresented populations.

Current Action Items


1. Retweet our Tweet about the situation to help get the word out. On March 22nd, we were featured on the front page of Twitter.

2. Join the Facebook Petition and tell your friends so we can get an exact number of people who are upset about the decision to whitewash this film.

3. Blog about the situation on your own blog and/or encourage your favorite bloggers to do the same.

Spread the Word!

Tell your friends, retweet, update your Facebook wall, write a blog post. Every voice counts.

Learn about the controversy and share what you learn. The best chance our movement has of raising awareness is you. There are so many people who would support our cause if they only knew about it. So don’t be silent.

Follow us on Facebook, Livejournal, and Twitter. Stay tuned for the latest in news and action steps you can take to fight for fairness in media representation!

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Our volunteers received a lot of positive feedback during their trip to the ’09 San Diego Comic-Con. One thing that got a lot of attention: the street team shirts! Now you can support the movement and spread the word in style:


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