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George Takei Interviewed About Akira Casting

April 20, 2011

The Advocate‘s online news section published an interview with George Takei with his thoughts on Warner Bros. proposed adaptation of AKIRA: Takei to WB: Do the Right Thing.

THE ADVOCATE: Why do you think there seems to be a reluctance to cast Asian-American actors in leading roles?

GEORGE TAKEI: I don’t think it’s a reluctance, they just don’t know better. They have the experience of Shyamalan’s project, and I would think any savvy production company would learn from that. So I’m really baffled by the lack of learning from experience. Hollywood doesn’t like failures, and there’s a string of failures in the past. With this effort, I’m trying to warn them of what is likely to happen with this Akira project.

Visit The Advocate.com to read the full interview!

Online news media outlets have also drawn attention to Takei’s interview and advocacy efforts for Akira. Blogger Perez Hilton writes: “Hopefully Warner Bros. will see George’s very valid and logical points, and they’ll reconsider how they want to cast it!”

This month, Takei has dedicated several Twitter posts to speaking out about Akira. His verified twitter account is currently followed by over 120,000 people.

On March 30th, 2011 Racebending.com and several other Asian American organizations contacted Warner Bros. with our concerns about AKIRA and fair casting. We have yet to receive a formal response but have been told to expect one soon.

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