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Introducing the new Spider-man

August 30, 2011

Spider-man fans need not fret: Peter Parker is still alive, still Spider-man, and still fighting crime in the regular Marvel universe. But in the Ultimate Spider-Man, Peter Parker died in Issue 160 and a new character named Miles Morales made his debut as Spider-man on August 3, 2012.

Miles Morales is half-black half-Hispanic– a decision made by Marvel Comics over a year ago and “long overdue,” according to comic-book writer Brian Michael Bendis in an article with USAToday. He further noted that “the theme is the same: With great power comes great responsibility… [Miles Morales is] going to learn that. Then he has to figure out what that means.”

Miles Morales as the new Spider-man

Bendis also gave actor Donald Glover “mucho credit” for Miles Morales’ look: last year Glover launched a Twitter campaign to win an audition to play Peter Parker in the upcoming film The Amazing Spider-Man and donned Spider-Man pajamas on an episode of his television show, Community.

Marvel seems prepared to stand behind their latest Spider-Man. “What you have is a Spider-Man for the 21st century who’s reflective of our culture and diversity,” said Marvel’s editor-in-chief, Axel Alonso. “We think that readers will fall in love with Miles Morales the same way they fell in love with Peter Parker.”

Look for Miles Morales to start his new adventures as Spider-Man in September!

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  • Nesadri

    I remember Stan Lee saying of Spiderman that the reason he is so great is that his hero identity masks his color. underneath the suit he could be black, latino, asian and so on. Even Stan Lee could see where this was was goin’. thumbs up.
    just a side note, u technically can’t be half hispanic since hispanics can be of any race. I’m a Hispanic Asian so I’d think I’d know…

    • Iman S.

      Actually, “Hispanic” almost always means he comes from a Latin American ethnicity. Meaning that one of his ancestors comes from one of those countries.

      • Nesadri

        Hispanic usually means latino because most hispanics are latino. That being said, pretty much all latinos are hispanic, but not all hispanics are latino.Even in spanish, “paises latinos” describes latin american countries while “paises hispanos” can be applied to those countries as well as spain and africa. So though it implies he’s latino and therefore hispanic, both terms are in regards to ethnicity but not necessarily to race.

    • Venom

      Kinda similar to that, Todd McFarlane said that he imagined a situation where Spiderman saved a white man from some minority thugs. The white man thanks him but spouts off racial slurs; Spiderman’s response is “Hey buddy, what color do you think I am under this?” He used this thought in his creation of Spawn, who is black.

      I wonder if they could do a scene like that for this new character.

  • Mariktbone

    I’m still sad we didn’t get the amazing and adorable Donald Glover for the reboot of Spider Man, but I’m glad to see Marvel taking some initiative anyway with this new character design!

  • PeterParker

    Doesn’t this completely contradict everything the racebending movement stands for? Changing original character’s races? Or is being white the problem here?

    This website is officially racist.

    • Username

      Except here the original character wasn’t changed. Parker and Morales are completely different people. Cases like Nick Fury, yeah that’s definitely wrong and why RB seems to be ok with it is hypocrisy. 

      • Nadia

        Well, in alternate universes, anything can happen. And its not like people that look like Nick Fury are under represented, anyways.

        • Venom

          Neither is Samuel L. Jackson though lol, that guy’s in everything.

          What I’d like to know is when are they going to do Black Panther and Luke Cage movies?

    • Nesadri

      Actually, the character didn’t change races. (1)This was in the “ultimate” universe, so the original time stream with peter parker is still in play. (2) Morales is taking up Parker’s suit after Parker died, so they are different individuals, not the same indivudual being made into a different race.

    • Mel

      other than the fact that, as others have mentioned, there is no changing of original character’s races, changing a white character to a black character would NOT be a problem NOR would it be racist because it is impossible for racism to be aimed towards white people. 

      To quote a far more eloquent explanation than I could provide,
      ” Racism will always be more complex than a “hatred or intolerance of another race or other races”.  It is a set of practices and subconscious behaviors that continuously teaches us to default to white, where “nude” is considered to be beige, and black folks and Hispanics have higher incarceration rates than whites for the similar crimes.  By saying this I am not undermining bullying you may have received in grade, middle or high school and I am also not saying people of color cannot be prejudiced against other races themselves.  All I am saying is we, as people of color, cannot be racist since we lack the power to full on oppress you.  It is truly that simple to grasp.’ “