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Racebending Recap at Wondercon 2012!

April 16, 2012

Although this is a bit late, it’s still noteworthy!  Last month, Racebending.com attended to WonderCon in Anaheim! Like last year, we were the only Avatar: The Last Airbender fan group with an official table, so we were really excited, especially since The Track Team was there to present the full opening of The Legend of Korra. We also got to meet fabulous Korra and Aang cosplayers!

Our table was set up in the back of the floor, but that didn’t deter con-goers from showing up to say hi. We had a drawing for prizes including Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Promise Part 1, Avatar: The Last Airbender – The Lost Adventures, and Secret Identities: The Asian American Superhero Anthology. Participants had to play a matching game where they matched several characters of color to the actors Hollywood has (or had!) cast them in.

On Saturday, we hosted our own panel: “Geek Slant: How the East Meets West,” featuring Phil Yu (Angry Asian Man), Jen Wang (Disgrasian), Freddie Wong (Youtube’s freddiew), Kristina Wong (solo performer), and Quentin Lee (director of The People I’ve Slept With and the recently-debuted White Frog). Our panel participants talked about their respective industries and collectively also talked about the role of Asian Americans as creators and producers of material.

Our panelists came from diverse backgrounds–from blogging to film to performance art–and thus each of them had their own unique perspectives.  However, the resounding comment that came from all of our panelists was the thirst not only for more Asian Americans in , but the idea that Asian Americans can take content into their own hands through the Internet.  With tools like Youtube and blogging services like Blogger and WordPress, putting content “out there” in the world is becoming easier and easier.  Not only  that, but our panelists especially emphasized that as Asian Americans support the ones that we like while also analyzing and critiquing representations that don’t ring true to us.

Quentin Lee also showed a trailer for his recently-debuted White Frog, which you can view here!  You can also listen to the full audio of the Racebending panel here.  It is a bit soft, however, so you may have to turn your audio up.

We had about a hundred people show up to the panel, so thank you to everyone who came to support us!

Our panelists and moderator, Racebending staffer Dariane Nabor (at left)! By the end of the third day, we were exhausted but happy… And we also had a special guest come by to see us! Psykitten Pow, who was cosplaying as Korra! She also did some Bending for us in front of our booth!

We had a great time talking to fans about our current status, the projects we’re supporting now, and about the new series, The Legend of Korra. All in all, it was a pretty successful con.

Thank you to our fans for coming to support us at either/both the panel and our great booth!  See you next time!

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Tony Le is a contributing writer for Racebending.com. He lives in Southern California.

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