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Token Talk on XSN

June 14, 2016

We are excited to announce that Racebending.com has a new live talk show called Token Talk!


Hosted by Racebending.com’s Dariane Nabor, Token Talk is a way to continue the discussion we have at comic convention panels around the nation about underrepresented communities in pop culture. The show itself is broadcasted from Meltdown Comics in Hollywood, CA and produced by XSN, an online shopping network that dubs itself as “QVC 2.0.”

At its core, we want this to be a show that promotes work or products by, for, or about underrepresented groups. We want to do more than boycott whitewashed works. Show the industries you want to see more representation by voting with your dollar and supporting diverse properties. We hope to encourage viewers to use their consumer power to support work done by diverse communities and show representation isn’t just about having a “token” [insert marginalized descriptor here] person. We want to entertain viewers but also enrich, inform, and get them to discover and buy cool, diverse stuff, too!

You can watch the show live on Tuesdays at 9pm PT on ShopXSN.com.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see our weekly episodes or view our recaps here on Racebending.com.

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