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Update on Avatar: The Legend of Korra

March 7, 2011

Wall Street Journal‘s “Speakeasy” column shared an update on The Legend of Korra, the follow-up animated series to Nickelodeon’s Avatar: The Last Airbender. The update includes a sneak peak of the titular heroine and new Avatar, Korra.

It looks like Nickelodeon has opted to tack on the subtitle of the original series, “The Last Airbender,” as the main title of the sequel series. Instead of using the original main title, Avatar, the sequel series will be named The Last Airbender: The Legend of Korra. Fans had assumed the series would be named Avatar: The Legend of Korra similarly to how the original series is titled Avatar: The Legend of Aang in the United Kingdom.

(Yes, we know. Even though the “last airbender” subtitle in the original series refers to Aang and not Korra, even if the name recognition of the film adaptation is riddled with negative juju, and even though it makes about as much sense as naming the sequels things like A New Hope: The Empire Strikes Back or The Two Towers: Return of the King.)

According to WSJ blogger CJ Farley, the series will not be released until 2012, so maybe the title will change by then.

Farley also announced the series’ lead voice cast in a follow up post:

Janet Varney as KORRA
Kiernan Shipka as JINORA
Daniel Dae Kim as HIROSHI SATO
David Faustino as MAKO
Seychelle Gabriel as ASAMI
Lance Henriksen as LIEUTENANT
P.J. Byrne as BOLIN
JK Simmons as TENZIN

Previously announced voice cast members on The Legend of Korra include A:TLA alumni Dee Bradley Baker (Appa/Momo) and Dante Basco (Zuko), as well as Rob Paulson (Pinky and the Brain) and Eva Marie Saint (North by Northwest)

The character of Mako appears to be named after the legendary voice actor Mako Iwamatsu (Uncle Iroh), who passed away before the original A:TLA trilogy was completed. To learn more about Mako, read our article: The Old Masters: The Legacy of Mako Iwamatsu.

EDIT: WSJ-Speakeasy now has an interview with Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra creators Michael DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. ‘The Last Airbender: Legend of Korra’: The Creators Speak

“We wanted to create a new Avatar that was completely the opposite of Aang. So, whereas Aang was the peaceful, nomadic Airbender guy, she’s very tough, very headstrong, not scared to get into a fight, and kind of picks fights with people too sometimes. So she’s definitely totally the opposite of Aang so it has been kind of fun to write her character and put her in situations that Aang never would have gotten into.”

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  • “A New Hope: The Empire Strikes Back”

    lol, you hit the nail on the head there. Looking forward to Korra nonetheless.

  • Julian

    Danie Dae Kim returns!!! WOOT!!!!

  • Does this mean Aang is dead?! =( Or retired? lol

    • Well, yes and no, right? He’s dead because he’s been reincarnated into Korra. But he’s alive because Korra is now the Avatar. (That being said, Aang got to talk to Avatar Roku’s spirit, so maybe Korra will get to see Aang’s spirit.)

    • In reincarnation, you don’t “die” per se. Your body dies, but your soul migrates to another body.

      And, keeping with the Avatar’s rotation, it’s a member of the Water Tribe.

  • Anonymous

    Coko that comment is sad but TRUE….SIGH!!!!

  • Mod

     I always thought that the light eyes reminded me more of Anushka Sharma or Aishwarya Rai.  Even Kristen Kreuk has light eyes, and her mother was Chinese.

  • Prinny

    I’m pretty sure that the characters in Avatar have an eye colour that represents thier element, so waterbenders have blue eyes, airbenders have grey, firebenders have a sort of orangey-gold, and I think earthbenders have green.

  • Joamette

    I’d just like to point out at that countless Arab, Central Asian, and Western Asian people naturally have blue and green eyes. A director who sees light-eyes and automatically thinks “oh, only white people have those” is an idiot.

  • Quiet

    Whatever happend to “the world community” no one is striping away your identity. Why so offended? Oohh no, another brown skin with blue eyes and you look down on that, why? That’s called reverse racism sharing the asin culture with a world of young viewers could only be a posotive thing. I say enjoy the well developed characters, and posotive storyline and quit being so petty.

    • Anonymous

      What the hell are you talking about? You must be really really really new to racebending.com

      • StopThatRandomRacistSheet

        He’s talking about the post above.

  • Lavendercalypso

    how is she gonna learn air bending?

  • Organimal

    the race of a character should not make a difference, I dont think Aang would have enven noticed racial differences and M. night should have nothing to do with the avatar series ever again in my opinion he did a terrible job with the casting and everything else!

  • StopCausingShit

    Wow. Aren’t you just trying to rile things up? O.o That’s just.. putting it out there for no reason. And btw, my cousin, he’s Arabian, and he has blue eyes.. So I don’t know where you’re getting this racist shit from. You can’t even back them up. Grow a pair.