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A Look Back at Racebending and the Academy Awards

A Look Back at Racebending and the Academy Awards

The Academy Awards’ gross under-recognition of performances by people of color, both in terms of nominations and wins, is pretty much universally acknowledged. Check this thorough list from Your Media Has Problems on tumblr if you had any doubts. One of the interesting dimensions covered in that piece is that the majority of people of color nominated for Oscars played roles that “had...
Academy Awards 2012:  Putting Blackface in Context

Academy Awards 2012: Putting Blackface in Context

The New York Times reports that at the 2012 Academy Awards, someone made a racial joke that was “in questionable taste.” That would be comedian and presenter Chris Rock, who cracked a joke about roles available to black men in animation: “I love animation because in the world of animation, you can be anything you want to be. If you’re a fat woman you can play a skinny prin...

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